Caramba, encore rat ! 
L'Enide de monsieur Virgile recle des trsors.
Je viens de calligraphier un des fragments qui m'ont le plus marqu et... je suis trs du.
La premire partie, la plus longue, calligraphie en chancelire est correcte, le problme est que j'y suis all totalement au feeling pour la suite et que l'ensemble est vraiment bof pour ne pas dire compltement rat.

Il va me falloir repenser compltement la composition et reprendre tout du dbut, aprs tout, je n'y ai pass qu'une trentaine d'heures pour le moment :-(
C'est dommage car chaque morceau pris indpendamment me plat mais l'ensemble est vraiment la limite du moche (du mauvais ct de la limite).

De passage sur le site, je te flicite Gorlim pour ta participation (et ta slection ...) au concours Encre et lumire !
Tu tais mon favori ds le dpart !
Pour ce qui est de ta composition sur l'Enide, j'aimerais pouvoir "rater" des travaux comme toi, enfin ...

Amanda Adams 
Ben - don't forget about the "Fragments", for a start. I would say, do a few brouillons on the same paper, diagonally, &c. And then frame the most interesting bits. And there's always collage.
Meanwhile, I understand completely what you mean, here. The cant and strudture of the italic clashes disturbingly (not a positive disturbance) with the verticality of the Gothic and the Neuland. And there is nothing "interesting" in the rectangular chunks of the design. Keith would say "it doesn't move". Very static. I, of course, would like a little colour in there, but I know you wouldn't. That red is so cold.
But I don't suppose you put it here for other people to pick apart!
I wish I could figure out how to allow comments on tumblr. There has been one; but it doesn't seem possible.
Administrator (Anachropsy) 
Don't worry, I didn't burn it and I'm thinking of reusing it some way.
The reason why there is so few colors in it is because of the text : it is the description of hell by Anchises to Ene, I couldn't possibly have it painted in green and pink (Keith could but I'm only an humble student) and you know that I'm not so fond of colors in general ;-)

I first planned to have the bits in gothic made with the "Art nouveau" script in the empty square between the two blocks of italic but I got it wrong somewhere and didn't have enough space.



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