La Paix 
11ème hexagramme du Yiking, la paix est composée des trigrammes de la terre (en haut) et du ciel (en bas).

Vous pouvez le voir en entier ici.
Catherine Whiteman 
Benoit, I enjoyed looking at the progression of this piece of work. I especially admire the addition of the filigree line drawing around the embossed areas. It adds such dimension and interest. Is this work a finished piece now? If so, I would enjoy seeing a photo of the entire piece. Beautiful work.(Apologies my French is very poor, so I have to post in English)
Administrator (Anachropsy) 
Thank you Catherine !
(I definitively have to have an english version of this blog)
Yes, it is finished, the link at the end of the post sends to the picture of the whole piece in its final state.
nice post- interview


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